​Sluys International Headquarters | Duffel

Founded in 1931, Sluys International is a Duffel
(Belgium) based manufacturer of Flavour, Drink
Concentrate and Beverage Emulsion. Family owned
and -managed, Sluys International is a purveyor of
taste and smell within the varied sub-sectors of food
and beverage.


Today, with more than 80 years of experience, the
dynamic team is a reflection of artists, idealists and
businessmen challenging new frontiers.


Choosing Sluys International as your flavour house
partner should be a conscious choice. We want you
to make a deliberate and the best choice for your
business ventures. If Sluys International is the
company you are looking for, then we are one call or
click away from becoming your committed long term
flavour house partner.


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